Infofac Consultancy LLP was started officially on 31st March 2015. Before that Infofac were not on papers but in our minds. All of us, that is all of the managing partners, most of other partners and employees were/are friends for a long time and we shared one thought in common, to be an entrepreneur. With our vast and varied experience in Information Technology we were sure that we could help businesses to build better Information systems and thus to enhance their profitability. Small and Medium Business, we believed that they would need a trusted partner, a friend who would help them for better future. And we took it our privilege, our priority to be such a partner.

In the current and future world, we were/are sure that no strategies and no decisions would guarantee success, unless they are built on the foundations of information or data. Hence data driven decision making or aids to Analytical thinking to be made available became our primary goal. We very well knew that this needs a vast collection of quality data and thus we took it our secondary goal to help them with systems that would built new data or better the existing data. The thoughts took us to our Management classrooms where we discussed the same with our Professors, friends and many of the potential clients. We chiseled and polished our idea and our frameworks. Thus Infofac was born, when we believed that we are equipped enough for our deeds. We know there is a lot of room for improvement, a lot to be learned and way to go forward but we assure each and every one of our clients, we would do it together and you are our priority.

Our Mission

At Infofac we would be committed to work towards enhancing profitability of our clients by enabling data driven decision making possible across their value chain.