Sherlock Holmes, as most of us would know, the sharpest detective we ever met, was made to say by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle “Data! Data! Data! I can’t make bricks without clay!”. Sherlock Holmes never knew to reach a conclusion without enough data and that’s not his weakness but that’s his strength. The decisions, conclusions driven by data would never be wrong.

We live in a world where future is now and now is bombarded by data. Every nook and corner, every second the systems around us capture some or the other kind of data. But do we know what it is, how to make use of it? The answer would be a genuine ‘No’ in most cases. That’s not anyone’s fault. Either we don’t know how to make use of that or the data in its form, incompleteness and quality itself prevents us from doing that.

Be informed, Predict future, Prescribe corrections, Devise strategies, Align operations and do all based on your data using the power of Analytics. Think beyond MIS reports and start walking through your data with excellent visualizations, look into the future with the power of predictions using econometrics and big data, create more customers and retain them better using CRM systems linked with analytics, cut costs and improve efficiency in operations, better the employee satisfaction figures and let them be your trusted lieutenants. Analytics will empower you and thus enhance profitability.

Products & Services



We do consulting projects to leverage our Clients with quality data based decision making. We would look into their existing infrastructure to identify information gaps, scope for improving data capture and then create the decision making support systems aided with analytics.



We create software products at Infofac which can cater to the information needs of business, mainly SMB's and society. Our first product named Spider Police is a mobile application that we partnered with Ernakulam Rural Police & IIM Kozhikode. The application ensures smarter and faster way of information transfer from Public to Police. Plingd, the second product, a commercial aggregated platform of Entertainment & Business is nearing its launch. Our upcoming researches are going on in segments of supply chain & banking.